2017 Milestones

Dec. 28

2017 was a big year here at the AUAF. Looking back, here are some of our biggest milestones:

  1. Our grand re-opening

    The AUAF was founded in 1978 as an organization focused on assisting Assyrian refugees with the resettlement process. It has since expanded its mission to support the preservation of Assyrian culture and heritage, as well as the advancement of Assyrian arts and education. In 2012, we moved from a small office on Clark Street in Chicago to our community center in Lincolnwood. It wasn’t until earlier this year that our space finally reflected our broad mission—unveiling our Studio Gallery, the Nebu J. Issabey Music Wing, and a revamped Ashurbanipal Library. Take a tour of our community center here.

  2. The first-ever Assyrian art gallery in diaspora

    The Studio Gallery at the AUAF is the first of its kind: A unique space dedicated to the advancement of contemporary and visual performing artists. Our Grand Opening Art Exhibition included the works of nine renowned Assyrian artists, including the late Hannibal Alkhas and Issa Benyamin, as well as modern talents—the likes of Paul Batou and Reni Stephan. The Studio Gallery officially opened on May 7, 2017. Our newest exhibition is currently on display, featuring rising Assyrian talents. Plan your visit.

  3. The first-ever music school for Assyrian students in diaspora

    The Nebu J. Issabey Program launched in 2014, and for more than two years, lessons were held in various conference rooms at our community center. On May 7, 2017, we unveiled the Nebu J. Issabey Music Wing, named in honor of the late Maestro Nebu J. Issabey. With seven classrooms and a team of dedicated instructors, our Music Wing is currently the only facility in the world designed to support the growth of a new generation of Assyrian artists. This year, we introduced the first Assyrian American Youth Orchestra.