2017 Year in Review: Our Donations

Jan. 09

At AUAF, we strive to preserve and promote Assyrian heritage and culture, and create positive change within the Assyrian community globally through social service, art, education, and humanitarian projects. In addition to our own programs and projects, AUAF receives hundreds of requests each year from worthy organizations and individuals throughout the international Assyrian community.

Here’s a look back at the different nonprofits and projects we supported in 2017 and what they’re doing to make a difference:

Assyrian Aid Society

The Assyrian Aid Society (AAS) is leading numerous initiatives across Iraq aimed at reviving Assyrian areas devastated by ISIS and promoting economic development. The nonprofit has also implemented various public works projects, and continues to provide access to free medical care to Assyrian families. The AAS funds more than 30 Assyrian schools in northern Iraq, supporting thousands of Assyrian students. Learn more about their projects and how you can help here.

Assyriska FF

Assyriska FF is a Swedish-based professional soccer team formed in 1974 by Assyrian immigrants. It is often viewed as a substitute national team by the Assyrian people. Visit their official website.

Modern Assyrian Studies at the University of Cambridge

The AUAF has supported a major project led by Dr. Geoffrey Khan that is tracing the ancient roots of the Assyrian language and documenting and preserving it in all its rich diversity. Dr. Khan has also trained members of the Assyrian community to become directly involved with the task of documenting and preserving their own linguistic heritage. Check out a lecture by Dr. Khan.

The Assyrian Journey

Director Frank Gilbart has taken on the enormous task of telling the riveting story of the Assyrian resistance of the 1980s. Filming is underway across parts of Iraq, and we were proud to partner with the production team to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Assyrian nation. Get updates on the film here.

Aramaic Bible Translation

The AUAF continues its commitment to the preservation of the Assyrian language, and this year awarded a grant to the Aramaic Bible Translation to support their efforts to translate the Bible into modern dialects of Assyrian (Neo-Aramaic). Learn more about their important work.

Hurricane Relief

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria made a profound impact on our local Assyrian-American community. The aftermath of these natural disasters resembles the recent destruction of parts of the Assyrian homeland due to violence. We know firsthand the hardships and challenges that face devastated communities as they start to rebuild, and for that reason were moved to make a donation towards disaster relief in solidarity with the affected communities. Read our Board President’s full statement here.

The Guardians of Civilisation 

We are proud to partner with Sagar and Stagara to present this documentary film which follows Assyrian artist Thabet Mikhail and his family who fled their home in Bakhdida, Iraq when ISIS invaded the Nineveh Plain. While living as IDPs in Ankawa, Thabet and his son Nenos, also an artist, watched as ISIS destroyed invaluable parts of Assyrian heritage. After the liberation of the Nineveh Plain, they returned home to find it in ruins. In response to the violence and destruction, Thabet and Nenos decided to rebuild. Not only their hometown, but the iconic pieces that had been reduced to dust. The power of human creation prevails over the destruction of war. Watch the trailer.

Assyrian Athletic Club

Since its inception in 1970, the Assyrian Athletic Club has created opportunities for young Assyrians to come together and develop lasting relationships. Their mission goes beyond athletics, building a sense of community among newer generations of Assyrians in the area. We are proud to continue our partnership with the AAC. Get involved!

Gilgamesh Musical: An Assyrian Musical

The Gilgamesh Musical Album is based on an epic poem from ancient Assyria: The Epic of Gilgamesh. The poem is considered the first documented work of literature, originally inscribed on clay tablets. We were proud to support the ongoing effort to bring this legendary tale to life. Pre-order you copy today.

Assyrian National Broadcasting

In addition to our regular programming on ANB that launched last year, we were proud to make a donation to ANB Sat. The unique broadcasting station has created a bridge connecting Assyrians all over the world through its programming. Watch Live.

Assyrian Church of the East

We were proud to make a donation towards Chicago’s first-ever Assyrian Food Festival hosted by the Assyrian Church of the East. Missed our booth at the event? Here’s a recap.


AUAF charitable donations and sponsorships are given primarily to Assyrian organizations, individuals, and initiatives. To request a donation, please click here and follow our guidelines.