AUAF Awards Scholarships to Top Assyrian Graduates in Northern Iraq

Dec. 20

Through community grants and scholarships, the AUAF helps Assyrian students across the globe gain the support and education they need to shape our community’s future. We were proud to partner with the Iraq-based Chaldo-Assyrian Student Union, commonly known as Khoyada, to present $4,000 in scholarships to top Assyrian high school graduates in northern Iraq. 

Recipients of this AUAF scholarship included: 

  • Nataliya Sabah Shaya
  • Lara Hikmat Khaleel
  • Isha Ismaeel Isha
  • Georges Marqus Eramia
  • Ator Tawr
  • Rafil Aamir Goryel

These students were identified as the top high school graduates of the 2016-2017 academic school year, and are now enrolled at various universities across Iraq. It is our hope that the scholarships awarded would encourage these students to continue to excel as they pursue higher levels of education. 

The scholarships were presented at Khoyada's anniversary party held in Alqosh, Nineveh Plain on December 9, 2017. The AUAF also recently presented a $5,000 scholarship to Assyrian artist Nenous Thabet, who plans to pursue artistic studies in Baghdad next year.