Assyrian History & Culture Class

Sep. 23

Have you ever wondered “Who were the Babylonians? Who were the Sumerians? What relationship did they have with the Assyrians?”  “What was Mesopotamia? What was Assyria? And what was the difference between the two?” “Are the ancient Assyrians and the modern Assyrians the same people? Are their language, culture and history the same?”  These are all questions that Robert DeKelaita will answer in our 2020 Assyrian History and Culture Class.

The class will start on September 23rd , 2020 and run through December 23rd , 2020.

The class will meet at 7:00 pm every Wednesday on Zoom, Click Here to Register.

You must be 18 or over to attend the class.

For help with registration and Questions Email

Class Syllabus: ACF Assyrian History Syllabus 2020

“A Journey Through Assyrian History” By Robert DeKelaita is now available on our YouTube channel : Assyrian Cultural Foundation 

About Robert DeKelaita

Robert DeKelaita studied political science and philosophy at the University of Illinois, where he obtained his BA. He then earned his MA from the University of Chicago, where he completed his thesis on the origins and history of Assyrian nationalism. In 1994, he earned his J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago’s School of Law and practiced law for over two decades, representing thousands of clients. Robert has been researching and writing on various aspects of Assyrian history for over 40 years and has visited the Middle East numerous times. Along with a number of Assyrian students, Robert was the founder of the Ashurbanipal Library, which is located at the Assyrian Cultural Foundation. Robert has written a number of academic and popular articles, among them On the Road to Nineveh, A Brief History of Assyrian Nationalism 1892-1990. He was also publisher and editor of Nabu Quarterly, which he produced while attending law school. Robert is currently working on publishing a book on Assyrian history.