Kevie Yu

Mar. 25


Meet Kevie Yu, a violin instructor with the Assyrian Cultural Foundation who is passionate about inspiring her students and making beautiful music. Kevie has been teaching violin for our students, and she has developed a unique teaching style that incorporates her love of music and creativity into her lessons. She believes that music should be fun for students of all ages and strives to make each lesson an enriching experience.

We asked her some fun questions to know more about her, and we hope you enjoy knowing about our wonderful music tutor.

1. Please introduce yourself in a few lines, especially about your musical background.
I grew up in a small city in Taiwan and started playing piano and violin at a young age. After moving to the United States in elementary school, I continued my musical journey playing in orchestras that would eventually take me to great concert halls worldwide, including Carnegie Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, and more. In 2020, I finished my bachelor’s degree in violin performance and music education at Northwestern University. I am now a full-time elementary music teacher while teaching violin lessons at ACF!
2. What inspires you as a music teacher?
Growing up, many of my most cherished memories of communities I had found, places I had traveled, and experiences were made possible because of my involvement with music. One of my goals is to give my students the opportunities to experience those kinds of connections for themselves. On a more individual note, there is also great joy in working hard towards something and experiencing the fruits of your hard work through a new song learned or a passage mastered. I hope to provide students with the tools and guidance necessary to become better players as they grow into lifelong musicians.
3. What is a common musical concept that students struggle with? How do you approach this in your lessons?
One big thing we are always working on is intonation! I hold students to a high standard and help them develop better aural awareness through immediate feedback on their playing and listening games during lessons. Throughout the week, I also encourage them to listen to professional recordings of the pieces they are working on to familiarize themselves with how the music should sound.
4. What are your musical influences?
While I have been greatly inspired by the many musical mentors and teachers I have had in the past, I am also influenced by great pedagogues in all kinds of fields. The list includes veteran teachers in methods such as Suzuki and Orff, and Mr. Rogers.
5. Tell me about an instructor/mentor you’ve had in your life that has inspired you?
I met Peter Slowik, the artistic director of Credo Music, while I was attending the chamber music festival a few summers ago. Credo has the mission of “Develop, Acknowledge, Respond” — dedicating time and energy to develop your musical craft, recognizing and acknowledging God as the source of the gift of music, and responding in service to communities in need through labor and music. This way of framing my life as a musician has challenged and stayed with me ever since.

Kevie is an incredibly talented and passionate musician, and her love for teaching shines through in her work. Her students are always eager to learn, and they often leave her lessons feeling inspired and motivated. If you’re looking for a music teacher who can help you unlock your creative potential, Kevie is a perfect choice!

To know more about the music classes we offer in the Nebu J. Issabey Music Program. Please reach out to Ms.Stella Sweiss.

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