The Assyrian Cultural Foundation (ACF) is a non-profit organization inspired by Assyrian heritage, serving as a bridge between traditions and different generations in the hopes of building a stronger, more connected community through our various programs.


The Assyrian Cultural Foundation was founded in 1978. The organization was established in response to the mass migration of Assyrian refugees to the United States, with the intent to assist with the resettlement process.
In 1975, Iraq became especially unsafe for its Assyrian minority, leaving tens of thousands no choice but to seek temporary refuge in neighboring countries. Many would later resettle in Chicago, Illinois, home to the largest population of Assyrians outside the homeland.
Though the refugees had escaped the violence in their native countries, resettlement would present challenges of its own. From the language barriers and the cultural gap to finding housing and employment, there was a great need for assistance. To help address these issues, members of the local Assyrian American community founded ACF, a non-profit, charitable organization that would essentially serve as a bridge for these new immigrants.
At the time, ACF worked in conjunction with another group of a similar name, the Assyrian Cultural Foundation, an organization whose stated goal is the protection of Assyrian rights internationally. While the Assyrian Cultural focused their efforts abroad, the ACF worked locally in Chicago. Gradually, the two groups parted ways.

ACF has since expanded its mission beyond social services to include humanitarian relief efforts, as well as educational and cultural programs. Originally located on Clark Street in Chicago, ACF moved its offices to Lincolnwood, Illinois in November of 2013 and continues to proudly serve the community.

Download PDF: At a Glance: The Assyrian Community in Chicago