Tutoring Program

The ACF Tutoring Program is designed to help Assyrian students reach their full academic potential by offering them free tutoring services.  Our tutors provide personalized support by focusing on the areas where an individual student needs the most assistance.  The goal is not only to help students succeed academically, but also to provide them with the tools that they need for future success.  By equipping the Assyrian students of today, we are building up leaders for the Assyrian community of tomorrow.

Math and English Tutoring Sessions offered for Assyrian Students 2nd-8th grade.

You can register your kid today by calling 224-935-2366 or emailing  stella.sweiss@acf-us.org

We are hiring tutors for this program as well, please send your resumes to stella.sweiss@acf-us.org if you’re interested. 

Semester Schedule


January 5 – March 13

Break: March 15 – March 22 


March 23 – June 12

Break: June 14 – June 21


June 22 – September 11

Break: September 13 – September 20


September 21 – December 18 

Break : December 20 – January 3