Nov. 11

Emmanuel Baba Dawud “Ammo Baba”

  Ammo Baba, Iraq’s “First Prince of Football” There are few Assyrian soccer players (or footballers, as they’re better known on the other side of the Atlantic ocean) more loved […]

Oct. 11

Dr. Robert Paulissian

  Dr. Robert Paulissian was born on March 8, 1935 to Rabee Babajan and Mrs. Asnat Paulissian. During his youth, he accomplished many different feats. He helped establish the Shooshan […]

Oct. 04

Dr. Joseph Plumb Cochran

Joseph Plumb Cochran was born on January 14, 1855 in Urmia, Qajar Iran. During his youth he learned the local languages of Assyrian, Azerbaijani, and Kurdish, in addition to English […]