Sep. 18

The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum  Brooklyn, New York. United States      The next museum we are going to cover is one of the more recent acquisitions of Assyrian art to a […]

Sep. 08

Remembering Obelit Yadgar

The Assyrian Cultural Foundation deeply mourns the passing of Obielit Yadgar, a cherished voice in the Assyrian community and an honorary guest at our recent Assyrian Renaissance Concert. His dedication […]

Aug. 29

Assyrian Instrument: Lyers of Ur

Paintings, ornate vases, reliefs, and other pieces of ancient fine art depict musicians playing a myriad of instruments. However, it’s rare the instruments they are modeled after survive to this […]

Aug. 22

The Iraq Museum

The Iraq Museum  Baghdad, Iraq       As we discussed in our previous museum blogs, after the 19th century exhibitions of Assyrian sites, most of the works were shipped to […]