Feb. 23

Agha Petros

Petros Elia was born in Baz, Hakkari in April 1880, during the reign of the Ottoman empire. He went to school in Hakkari, then later traveled to Urmia, Iran, where […]

Feb. 17

Abee Sargis

Abee Sargis was born in Iraq and obtained a degree in economy and business administration from the University of Baghdad. He also earned a diploma in acting and directing. Sargis […]

Feb. 13

Assyrian Wedding Traditions

Assyrian weddings include various traditions that have been exercised for centuries. As of today, Assyrian wedding traditions are boiled down to at least 7 main practices. What are these practices […]

Jan. 05

New Years Resolutions

  Helping Your Child with their Learning Goals this New Year The New Year inspires individuals of all ages to rethink their wants and set new goals. Even children benefit […]