Dec. 13

AUAF Awards Scholarship to Rising Assyrian Artist

Through community grants and scholarships, the AUAF helps Assyrian students across the globe gain the support and education they need to shape our community’s future. We were proud to award a $5,000 scholarship to Nenous Thabet as he pursues artistic studies in Iraq. Nenous is a young artist living in Bakhdida, a town in Iraq’s […]

Dec. 04

2017 AUAF Art Competition Results

Sixteen talented Assyrian artists from across the United States entered a total of thirty-nine pieces in the AUAF’s first annual art competition. Judging for the competition was conducted by Chicago-area artists Tim Anderson, Evelina Mayner, and Hannah Hummel. Our panel was asked to consider and score each piece individually in a series of rounds. Only […]

Nov. 28

AUAF Receives Letter from the American Red Cross

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria made a profound impact on our local Assyrian-American community. The aftermath of these natural disasters resembles the recent destruction of parts of the Assyrian homeland due to violence. We know firsthand the hardships and challenges that face devastated communities as they start to rebuild, […]

Oct. 11

Somikka: The “Assyrian Halloween”

Fall brings with it many great things—cool crisp morning air, leaves in all sorts of beautiful colors, football, and Halloween. Just twenty days away, the holiday that marks the end of October each year is a favorite among young children who get to dress up—superheroes, witches, and princesses are always popular choices (it looks like […]

Oct. 02

The Oldest Book at The Ashurbanipal Library

One of the most popular questions asked by visitors to The Ashurbanipal Library: “What’s the oldest book in your collection?” We point them to the back of the library, where in a glass case sits a large, aged book—The Book of Khudra from 1676. Just as interesting as the book itself is the history of how […]