Sep. 29

William Daniel

Kateeny Gabbara (Kateeny the Great) is a legendary Assyrian hero who goes on many adventures and fights a monster named Shidda.  In the mid-twentieth century, the Assyrian composer and writer, William D. S. Daniel, collected different Assyrian oral traditions about Kateeny to create a 3-volume epic poem about him.  He even recorded himself reading the 3-hour epic aloud.  Although Kateeny Gabbara is based on old folktales, some people believe that Daniel’s rendition of it is also an allegorical […]

Sep. 17

10 Year Radio Anniversary

This summer marks the 10-year anniversary of Ninos Nirari’s radio program.  He first began the program at the request of the late Rabi Homer Ashurian, who was then serving on the board of the Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation (now the Assyrian Cultural Foundation).  The first episode aired in early June, 2011.  The weekly radio program was originally called Gawneh, which means “colors” in Assyrian.  Mr. Nirari decided to give it […]

Sep. 13

Sir E. A. Wallis Budge & Sir Reginald Wingate

In 2020, the Ashurbanipal Library received a large donation from the collection of the late Assyrian publisher, Youel Abraham Baaba.  The donation arrived from England and included many amazing books.  One of them happened to be associated with two British knights!            This book is volume 2, part 1 of a work […]

Sep. 03

Aramaic Bible Translation Pt. I

Did you know that there is currently a team working on creating a new Assyrian (modern Aramaic dialect) translation of the Bible?  Although an Assyrian translation of the Bible does already exist, the Aramaic Bible Translation team is trying to create one that is easier to read, is formatted in a clearer way, and is more accurate.    Prior […]

Aug. 27

Alex Agase Part II

Perhaps you may remember that we posted about the Assyrian football player and coach, Alex Agase, back in June? We are excited to announce that since then, we have discovered several documents donated by Agase’s family in our storage. Item #1: Cartoon of Alex Agase This cartoon that we found mentions how Alex Agase was […]