Apr. 16

The Ashurbanipal Library

      The Ashurbanipal Library was founded on July 13, 1986 by members of the Assyrian Student Club. The Library’s name pays homage to King Ashurbanipal, who was one […]

Apr. 06

What is Assyrian New Year?

The Assyrian New Year, known as Kha b’Nissan (First of April) or Akitu, is a major celebration for the Assyrian community all over the world, as it gathers to renew […]

Mar. 11

Mar Benyamin Shimun XXI

  Mar Benyamin Shimun, Catholicos Patriarch XXI, was born in Qudchanis, Turkey in 1887. His mother, Asyat, was the daughter of a famous Assyrian chieftain, Qamber of Eeil, and his […]

Feb. 23

Agha Petros

Petros Elia was born in Baz, Hakkari in April 1880, during the reign of the Ottoman empire. He went to school in Hakkari, then later traveled to Urmia, Iran, where […]