May. 02

Lt. Norman Yonan

  Norman Joseph Yonan was born on January 3rd, New Britain, Connecticut. His parents were Joseph and Anna Yonan. Growing up, Yonan graduated high school and then attended university, to […]

Apr. 25

Charles W. Warda

BetGivargis-McDaniel, M., 2007. 108, in: Assyrians of New Britain. Arcadia Pub., Charleston, SC, pp. 108–108. Assyrian Inventor Charles W. Warda was born May 13, 1917 in Chamakiee, Iran. He arrived […]

Apr. 22

Nouri Iksandar

Did you know that the Assyrian musician, Nouri Iskandar, composed the soundtracks for several films and television shows in Syria?  This includes the soundtrack for the 1979 film that won second place at the Damascus […]

Apr. 20

Adapting Children to Online Tutoring

The current generation of children is growing up in a digital age. They are used to communicating and learning through technology. This is why online tutoring has become so popular. […]