Emerging Artists


Instagram: @selena_isho

Telegram: Selena Isho

Elena Isho was born in Russia. Lives in Petersburg. Works with installation. Artistic practice includes porcelain sculpture, ceramics, textiles, graphics, painting, video art, performance, feminist writing. The works are dominated by existential, psychoanalytic motifs, themes of feminism, gender, physicality, class privileges. 


Victoria Akhteebo is a Chicago-based artist who began her artistic journey at the age of eight drawing jewelry and fashion designs. She later developed an interest in graffiti art, and studied the craft independently, initially by recreating popular graffiti pieces for practice until she developed her own personal style. Akhteebo hopes her artwork will push viewers out of their comfort zone, not only through her style of work, but by depicting subjects that are often controversial. Her work presents a critical view of life and prompts the viewer to question their own perspective on some of society’s biggest questions. 


Instagram: @studiomaic

Maicel Barsoum is a Chicago area artist of Assyrian and Egyptian background. Having been raised with these two different identities, his work often experiments with the concept of dualism—whether it embraces it or breaks it. He studied at CSU Stanislaus, and moved to Chicago shortly afterwards. The California native spent most of his life focused on traditional forms of art, but his body of work now includes graphic design and digital photography. Both music and nature influence his work.


Instagram: @eddiee_art | Facebook: Art by Eddie Youkhanna

Eddie Youkhanna is a young Chicago-based Assyrian artist from Halmon, Syria. His family escaped the war in Syria, and resettled in the United States earlier this year. His passion for art stems back to his days as a child, where he would spend much of his time in school and at home drawing. Much of Youkhanna’s artwork is inspired by Assyrian history and heritage. He believes art is one of the most effective ways to share what it means to be an Assyrian with others.


Wisam Khatchik is a local Assyrian artist born in Iraq, immigrating to the United States in 1980. Khatchik holds an Associates Degree in Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute in Chicago. Khatchik draws inspiration from modern history as well as current events when creating his artwork.  He enjoys recreating iconic figures and symbols, as well as capturing important events in modern history. Khatchik cites color as his greatest inspiration, and believes the use of color is the most impactful part of any piece.



Tara Deryavoush was born in Kirkuk Iraq and immigrated to America as a refugee from the Gulf War. Once settled in Michigan she began drawing as most children do but unlike most she continued drawing into her adult life. She has no formal training outside of a few high school art classes but continues to learn from resources found on the internet.   

Marina Bejamin 

Instagram: marinabenjamin67 

Marina Benjamin is an artist and poet from Chicago who uses her creative expression as a way to honor her Assyrian heritage. She began her education in fine arts in at the ACF Art for Adults courses, and has since dedicated herself to refining her talents as a studio artist. Her work covers subjects such as faith, community, history, love, and hope.