Nov. 05

Aramaic Bible Translation Pt. III

Did you know that in approximately ten years, we will have a new Assyrian (modern Aramaic) translation of the Bible available to us?  The Aramaic Bible Translation project has been working on it since the early 1990s.  Read our previous posts to learn more about the history of Assyrian Bible translation, and the history of how the Aramaic […]

Oct. 27

Paulus Khofri

      Did you know that the Assyrian composer, Paulus Khofri, taught over 1,200 students in music during his lifetime, and wrote at least thirteen music books?  His books and compositions include vocal, instrumental, and orchestral music, many of which are based on Assyrian folk songs.  He tried to make his music reflect the experiences of Assyrians in […]

Oct. 22

Rev. Abraham Yohannan

Did you know that Columbia University in New York City had an Assyrian professor who taught Oriental languages there from 1894 to 1925? During his time at Columbia University, Rev. Abraham Yohannan taught Classical and Modern Assyrian (Syriac), Armenian, Persian, and Turkish, although he also knew Arabic and Hebrew. Born in the village of Abajalu […]

Oct. 15

Ben Daniel

Did you know than an Assyrian man named Ben Daniel founded an English-language newspaper in Chicago called the Assyrian Guardian, which covered news relevant to Assyrians? Even though English was not his first language, Daniel contributed articles to other newspapers as well, such as the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. He also taught high school […]