May. 23

Sgt. Saul J. Joseph

Sargent Saul J. Joseph was born on June 23, 1920, in Iran. Well respected, not only does Sgt. Joseph carries a Silver and Bronze Star; however, also carries a Purple Heart for the wounds he suffered in action. Widely decorated, Sgt. Joseph also received medals from France and Britain as well. Sgt. had brothers, Samson […]

May. 20

Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

Music is a powerful and mysterious thing. Music can make us feel happy or sad, calm or excited. And while music can do so much, this has been proven to do even more than we know! In this article, you will learn some of the many benefits of listening to classical music. And best of […]

May. 18

4 Tips for Coping During Exams

                          1) Rest First and foremost, it is important to get plenty of rest during finals week. This means that you should go to bed at a reasonable hour and avoid staying up all night to study. It can be tempting to pull […]

May. 17

Samuel Edward Sulliman

Learn about the Assyrian man who served in the US secret service under many presidents, including John F. Kennedy. President John F. Kennedy walks across a lawn next to Sulliman in Hyannis Port on August 26, 1963.     Samuel Edward Sulliman was born in New Britain, Connecticut on August 13th, 1930. He was the […]

May. 09

David Barsum Perley

David Barsum Perley was born in 1901 in Kharput (Modern day Turkey). He grew to be the student of famous Assyrian journalist, Ashour Yousef of Kharput. During World War I, Perley was forced to flee to the mountains of Russia shortly after his father had been killed by Turkish authorities. At this time, the mass […]