Why Your Student Should Work with a Tutor Early

Jul. 13

Why Your Student Should Work with a Tutor Early

Tutors don’t have to be the last resort for parents who are desperate to see changes in their child’s grades. In fact, if you sense any need for additional help from your child, it’s best not to let that need fester. That will only result in longer-lasting, more persistent problems for your student.

It’s better for your student to work with a tutor early on. Here’s why.


Tackle problems when they first arise

We all know learning builds on itself, and this is precisely why you can’t let a problem go unaddressed. If your student doesn’t understand a specific concept, chances are, they aren’t going to have a sudden “aha” moment weeks later. As their teacher continues, that lack of understanding will cause your student to be left behind. They then have to learn not only what they didn’t know, but what they missed in the process.

Don’t let that happen. Having a tutor early will help ensure that they grasp these more difficult subjects sooner, thus keeping them on track.


Maintain their confidence and self-esteem

As a parent, it can be difficult to remember the times when school was everything to us. Kids are at school for the same length of time in a day that you are at work. It’s no wonder, then, that so many students hinge their self-worth on school. You can imagine how distressing it may be to your student if they struggle with a subject.

A tutor will help them build and maintain their confidence by assuring they are comfortable and confident in their studies. Your student will learn that just because they have a different learning style, it doesn’t mean they are any less. tutors will figure out what that learning style is and harness it.


Teach discipline

For many students, part of the reason they struggle is a lack of discipline. When they get out of school, they want to be out of school, not studying more. Of course, a balance of work and life is important, but students need to learn to take time out of their day to study the subjects in which they struggle if they want to see progress.

Regular tutoring sessions will have a positive impact on your student’s overall study habits. These sessions normalize studying outside of the classroom, which will help them form better habits before a test.


Fast learners benefit from tutoring too

If your student is a fast learner, that is fantastic. While this doesn’t seem like it would be a problem, it can be. When your student easily grasps a concept or subject, they might grow bored during school. This causes some students to distract others—not with any mal-intent, but simply because they have nothing to do.

Keep your child stimulated with a tutor. The tutor can help your student accelerate even further with the subject that comes naturally to them, keeping them engaged in their learning. Conversely, a tutor could assist your child with the subjects that they aren’t quite as advanced in, making them a better-rounded student.

Whatever your child’s needs are, our tutors can help enrich their learning. Call 224-935-2366 or email stella.sweiss@acf-us.org for information on the program.