Winners of Assyrian International Art Competition 2021

Jan. 22

First Place Winner- Nenous Thabet

The Thought behind the Artwork from the Artist:

“This painting expresses the human depth that has affected our liberated cities in the Nineveh Plain from the hands of terrorism and ISIS. The girl in her beautiful dress represents hope in construction and reconstruction and symbols of return in the body of a bird burdened by migration. Every death is a resurrection, and the resurrection of Christ is life”. - Nenous T.

Second Place Winner- Rima Lahdo

The Thought behind the Artwork from the Artist:

“It's a new day. Ishtar is waiting for her lover Tammuz who comes back to life. It is an imaginative abstract portrait of the goddess of love in a contemporary view. In this work, I used a lot of different techniques like acrylic, inks, pastels, etc., and the collage pieces are a work of mine, in which I was inspired by many ancient Assyrian symbols and the Assyrian alphabet.” –Rima Lahdo

Third Place Winner- Maher Minyanish

The Thought behind the Artwork from the Artist:
“In Christian theology, we believe when Jesus returns, He'll make everything new, and all high-power authorities will bow for Him. There won't be war, death, or illness anymore, no need for weapons and medications. The writings are from the book of revelation 21:4 and 5.”-Maher Minyanish

Honorable Mention- Agnes Ishak

Honorable Mention- Paul Betou