Nabu Circle: Dr. Shana Zaia

It is our pleasure to announce the next presenter in the Assyrian Cultural Foundation’s Nabu Circle Lecture series: Dr. Shana Zaia, an Assistant Professor of Ancient History in the Department of Art & Culture, History, and Antiquity at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

On Saturday, September 30th, allow Dr. Zaia to take us on a journey through Assyrian history and culture with her profound insight on the topic: “The Brothers’ Conflict: The Assyrian Civil War of 652 BC.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about this crucial aspect of Assyrian history.

Save the date for this unique experience: Saturday, September 30th at 1:00 PM (CST) via Zoom.

"The Assyrian Cultural Foundation is committed to fostering an understanding and appreciation of our rich heritage, and we're excited to connect with you during this lecture and those to come."

Registration link:

Meeting ID: 863 6733 7438
Passcode: Assyrian

Nabu Circle Lecture Series: Dr. Nurgül Çelebi

We are thrilled to introduce the next lecturer in the Nabu Circle Lecture series hosted by the Assyrian Cultural Foundation: Dr. Nurgül Çelebi. As a highly knowledgeable independent researcher in Hungary, Dr. Çelebi brings her sophisticated expertise to the topic, “The Duality of Sin and Shamash.”

Assyrian Roundtable Series: Yousip Canon

We are thrilled to announce the next speaker in our Assyrian Roundtable Series: Yousip Canon! This renowned Assyrian activist, writer, and playwright gives his profound insight into our latest lecture, “A Very Short Story, a Very Long Journey.”

Assyrian Dance Party

The Assyrian Cultural Foundation is thrilled to announce our first Assyrian Dance Party on November 25th! For one night only, enjoy a wonderful performance featuring: Walter Aziz, Ogin Bet Samo, […]