3 Fun Ways to Practice Math Over the Summer

Jun. 08

Summertime is the perfect time to keep those math skills sharp! There are lots of fun ways to practice math over the summer, so your child can stay ahead of the game when school starts back up again.

Here are a few ideas:


1) Outdoor Activities

Take a trip to the zoo or aquarium and use Math to calculate how many animals are in each exhibit, or how much food they eat each day. Having children interact with animals can spark their entertainment while maintaining an educational atmosphere.


2) Cooking

 Have your child help with cooking or baking, making food such as pizza, will allow them to measure dough, topping ingredients, and slicing the pizza into equal pieces. Patience is key in this process as it also includes delayed gratification. The child is learning what ingredients are going into their food, and how many of them, and provides a hopeful tasty reward near the end.

3) Indoor Activities

Sometimes the heat can get the best of us, so playing fun games that incorporate math can help. Chess is an example that can not help with problem solving and strategy but can also be used to count spaces and total pieces collected. 

With a little creativity, Math can be fun for everyone! What are some other ways you like to practice Math over the summer?

Share them with us in the comments below!