5 tools to help you learn Assyrian

Mar. 26

As a tribute to the traditional twelve-day celebration of the Assyrian New Year, we’re sharing unique ways to honor Akitu no matter where you are in the world as we count down the days to Kha b’Nissan. 

It’s incredible to think that the Assyrian language has survived, evolving and spreading, for nearly seven thousand years. For the first time in Assyrian history, the majority of Assyrians live outside of our traditional homeland, and as a result, many are unable to read and write in Assyrian. Take the initiative to learn your language: Accepting this responsibility is the only way to ensure its survival.

Here are some ways to learn the Assyrian language:

  1. Subscribe to Rinyo. We are proud to count ourselves among Rinyo’s biggest supporters. The organization was established to make available modern resources to help young Assyrians learn their language. Products are available in all Assyrian dialects. From mobile apps to songs, videos, and interactive books, Rinyo’s products are used and loved across the globe. Check it out: Learn the Assyrian alphabet with this fun song.
  2. Visit LearnAssyrian.com. This website is a wonderful resource but requires serious drive and commitment. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and get ready to teach yourself using their free 41-page guide. If you’ve got little ones at home, LearnAssyrian is also home to the wildly popular Assyrian alphabet learning blocks. Order yours today.
  3. Download Base 2 Applications apps. Take a look at their popular Assyrian apps available to you in the App Store. Their apps will make learning the alphabet fun at any age.
  4. Attend classes at the ANCI. The Assyrian National Council of Illinois offers Assyrian language classes for both children and adults in the Chicagoland area. Take advantage of these free courses; before you know it, you’ll be reading right to left with ease. Assyrian language classes are offered across the United States. If you’re outside Illinois and looking for a class near you, feel free to contact us for help.
  5. Sargon Says. SargonSays.com offers an English to Assyrian dictionary that is an incredible resource to those looking to refine their language skills, as well as those new to the language.