ACF Art Competition Winners

Mar. 04

Talented Assyrian artists from across the world participate in our annual Art Competition. Each year, Assyrian artists are invited to submit original pieces in any two-dimensional medium, excluding photography. Art submitted to the competition is reviewed by an independent panel of expert jurors to ensure a fair and balanced judgement process. Prizes are awarded to the artists whose work best represent the theme. 

You can learn more about the artists by visiting our Working Artists page. 


2019 Grand Prize Winner

“Languages and Colors” by Paul Batou

2019 Second Place Winner

“Sun Star” by Atra Givarkes

2019 Third Place Winner

“Noohara” by Agnes Ishak 

2019 Honorable Mention

“Equestrian” by Qais Al-Sindy

2019 Honorable Mention

“Untitled” by Jelbert Karami

2018 Grand Prize Winner

“Untitled” by Agnes Ishak 

2018 Second Place Winner

“Untitled” by Qais Al-Sindy 

2018 Third Place Winner

“Untitled” by Maher Minyanish

2018 Honorable Mention

“Untitled” by Nahrin Malki

2018 Honorable Mention

“Untitled” by Aeluna Nissan 

2017 Grand Prize Winner

“Assyrian Folklore” by John Malk

2017 Second Place Winner

“The End” by Atra Givarkes

2017 Third Place Winner

“Old Woman Portrait” by Maher Minyanish

2017 Honorable Mention

“Freedom” by Noryana Kazzo

2017 Honorable Mention

“Winter Massacre” by Victoria Akhteebo