Hana Fujisaki

Feb. 25

Did you know that one of our piano instructors at ACF also performs and composes music on the side?



Hana Fujisaki frequently performs in concerts and shows in the city as well as writes her own music.  Additionally, she enjoys participating with different musical projects such as a Brazilian samba group, a Cuban salsa group, a Japanese pop group, and a Rock and Blues group.


Fujisaki was born in Japan and learned how to play music as a child.  The two instruments that she first learned were the organ and the piano, which gradually instilled in her a love for music.  This love for music eventually inspired her to pursue a career in it, so she obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music.  Now, Fujisaki teaches piano, choir, and music theory at several music schools and a college.  This includes teaching private piano lessons at ACF since the Fall of 2020.


Fujisaki believes that learning music is important because it helps stimulate various parts of the brain.  For example, both reading sheet music and playing an instrument require different skills.  Not only does music help you develop these skills, but also opens a window into different cultures and perspectives.