Importance of tutoring for kids

Feb. 23

Importance of tutoring for kids
Tutoring gives students individualized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom. This helps children who struggle to keep up and students who are not challenged enough and need more work to better their skills. Read on to know the importance of tutoring for kids.



Tutoring programs can help your child develop learning skills to help your child succeed in their academic life. There are many benefits of tutoring services:


2. Individual and custom learning plan
In tutoring, every student experiences a unique learning experience they might not get in their classroom. Tutors can customize the lessons and activities as per your child’s requirements.


3. Personalized attention
Due to the fewer students in their class, tutors can easily learn and adapt to a child’s learning style. This enables them to provide a better learning experience and personally teach them.


4. Boosts performance
Tutoring helps children get extra attention in their problem areas and prepare better for tests and exams. This will help your child perform better in school.


5. Helps overcome their problematic areas A tutor will help improve the difficult subject your child is struggling in. The tutor can address the problem with learning in science, writing, math, language, or reading.


The positive learning environment at ACT tutoring programs

The ACF Tutoring Program is designed to help Assyrian students reach their full academic potential by offering free tutoring services. Our tutors provide personalized support by focusing on the areas where an individual student needs the most assistance. The goal is to help students succeed academically and provide them with the tools they need for future success. By equipping the Assyrian students of today, we are building up leaders for the Assyrian community of tomorrow.
Math and English Tutoring Sessions offered for Assyrian Students 1st-up to 9th grade.
ACF Tutoring provides an environment of positive learning, with fewer students and distractions around, so your child can learn and thrive in their academic life. It is easier for tutors to provide positive feedback as the children are fewer.

You can register your kid today by calling 224-935-2366 or emailing
We are hiring tutors for this program as well. Please send your resumes to if you’re interested. 
Click Here for the Tutoring Instructor Job description: Tutoring Instructor Job Description.