Make Your Own Assyrian Jewelry

May. 02

Ancient Assyrians wore jewelry not only for fashion, but also to show their status and wealth. Jewelry was made from the most precious materials, and designs were based on symbolism. Here’s a fun and easy way to engage children, and sneak in a small history lesson while you’re at it.


  • Assorted beads
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Printouts of images of ancient Assyrian jewelry
  • Mason jars (optional)


  1. Sort and organize your beads as desired. We used mason jars, which allow easy access for tiny hands (and look great in photos!). Helpful tip: We purchased our beads from Oriental Trading and Michael’s craft store. Try to select beads that fit the ancient Assyrian theme (golds, browns, and blues are great).
  2. Before getting started, take a few minutes to examine samples of ancient Assyrian jewelry. Share fun facts and ideas—please feel free to use our printable document: Fun Facts on Ancient Assyrian Jewlery (Printable).
  3. Children can create a necklace or a bracelet. Depending on their choice, use the scissors to cut the string accordingly. Tie a knot at one end to prevent beads from slipping off. Helpful tip: Leave some extra room to make step 5 easier.
  4. Encourage children to pretend they are making a necklace for an ancient Assyrian king or queen. Allow them to design their jewelry as they wish, or perhaps consider coming up with a pattern together for them to follow.
  5. Once ready, help your little one tie the the ends together (a double knot should do it).
  6. Let them wear their custom Assyrian jewelry with pride!


  • Michael’s craft store always offers great coupons. Be sure to check out their website and/or RetailMeNot for the latest offers. The same goes for Oriental Trading: look here and/or here before placing your order.
  • When choosing string, make sure that the string won’t break easily—but is still thin enough to slide through your beads.
  • Instead of printing out the images of the ancient jewelry—consider sharing them off of a tablet to save paper instead.