Mar. 21

How to make a tissue paper Assyrian flag

The first of April—or Kha b’Nissan—marks the Assyrian New Year, also known as Akitu. In ancient Assyria, the new year was celebrated for a period of twelve days. Now, after thousands […]

Mar. 20

Kha b’Nissan—the Assyrian New Year

The first of April marks Akitu—the Assyrian New Year, commonly referred to as Kha b’Nissan. It is the most important Assyrian national holiday, and its celebration is one of the many […]

Dec. 12

7 books you need on your shelf

The Ashurbanipal Library at AUAF is home to the largest collection of Assyrian texts in the world. You’ll find everything from old publications and newspapers to novels and dictionaries lining our […]

Dec. 08

Art for Kids: Ishtar Gate Mosaic

The Ishtar Gate is one of the most iconic sites in the Assyrian homeland. Erected during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II, it was the main entrance leading to the […]

Dec. 02

Glue Art for Kids: Ancient Assyrian Metalworking

The Assyrian Empire is known for its rich material culture—magnificent stone wall reliefs, colossal gateway figures, and legendary towers. Often overlooked, however, is Assyrian metalwork. Assyria had a thriving metalworking […]