Dec. 12

7 books you need on your shelf

The Ashurbanipal Library at AUAF is home to the largest collection of Assyrian texts in the world. You’ll find everything from old publications and newspapers to novels and dictionaries lining our aisles. Anything by Assyrians or about Assyrians—you’ll find at our library. Here are some of our favorite picks we feel should be on the shelves […]

Dec. 08

Art for Kids: Ishtar Gate Mosaic

The Ishtar Gate is one of the most iconic sites in the Assyrian homeland. Erected during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II, it was the main entrance leading to the city of Babylon. At one point was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Gate was built in honor of the Assyrian […]

Dec. 02

Glue Art for Kids: Ancient Assyrian Metalworking

The Assyrian Empire is known for its rich material culture—magnificent stone wall reliefs, colossal gateway figures, and legendary towers. Often overlooked, however, is Assyrian metalwork. Assyria had a thriving metalworking industry, considered superior to any contemporary state in the region. Much of ancient Assyrian metalwork was excavated from the Assyrian city Nimrud between 1949 to […]

Nov. 30

How-to: Our Adorable Thanksgiving Shoot

Another year, another Thanksgiving. Whether your family served turkey, or went the traditional Assyrian route—serving dolma and the likes instead—you’re probably all out of leftovers, and chances are you’ve already got your tree up. But before we fully shift gears into Christmas mode, we want to share with you our adorable Thanksgiving photo shoot. If […]

Nov. 28

13 Unique Christmas Gifts for Any Assyrian

It’s officially the season to start hunting down thoughtful presents for your favorite people. Whether you’ve already gotten a head-start on your holiday shopping, or you’ve yet to even make your list, this list will help you find a gift for just about any Assyrian without breaking your budget. Lamassu Ties Sold exclusively at AUAF, […]